Growing Up Expat

Hi all! We are a family of 3 (plus 1 pup!) getting ready to move to Berlin!¬†We are a State Department family that will be traveling the world and immersing ourselves in different cultures for the entirety of my husband’s career. We will be raising third culture kids. The idea of being expat parents is terrifying and exhilarating.

I hope that this blog helps you to feel connected in this crazy expat life and leads you to the confidence that you are a great parent and that raising your kids in this life will make them strong in so many ways. Thank you for coming on this journey with us!


Now for introductions!

Papa Bear: My awesome hubby and Daddy to our little girl. Papa Bear loves all things fancy: dressing to the nines, cigars, wine and 10 course meals. But most of all, he loves his family and we love when he comes through the door from a long day at work!

Mama Bear (That’s me!): I’m a lover of movies, girly TV (hello, Bachelor!), mommy and me activities and cooking (most of the time ;). I’m a freelance writer for businesses, magazines, newspapers and websites. I love to travel but haven’t done much traveling outside of the U.S. so I’m looking forward to all the traveling and adventures our family will go on!

Goldilocks: Our sweet-as-pie little blondie baby girl! She’s 11 months old and so smart. She lights up our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Papa Bear speaks German to her and I speak English. She’ll be a little German speaker in no time living in Berlin!