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Paris with Kids: A Guide to Keep Your Kids Busy and Happy

Paris is a playground for adults. It’s the city of love and everyone posts sweet photos sipping wine and eating oozy cheeses in front of the Eiffel Tower. But what about your kids? How will you keep them busy while you’re enjoying the city of romance? Have no fear! Paris is filled with great activities for children, ranging from museums to parks to fun classes.

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What to Bring and Expect when Hospitalized in Germany

Gleaning from my own numerous hospitalizations in the U.S. I have some suggestions about what to bring, as well as what to expect from your hospitalization in Germany. Be aware that I am comparing the U.S. system to the German system. Also that I only stayed in one hospital in Germany and your experience and the experience of others may vary.

Expat living, Uncategorized October 3, 2016

Grocery Shopping in Germany

I had my first grocery shopping in Germany experience very early on here when we moved to Berlin. I was blessed to have been driven around to appointments the first few days by the embassy chauffeur-extraordinaire. He offered to take Elaura and I for a quick trip to a nearby grocery store. And boy am I glad he offered because there is quite a bit to learn about grocery shopping in Germany. I’m going to let you in on all the little secrets so you don’t need your own chauffeur to show you the ropes!

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Public Transit in Berlin with Kids

I have to admit I was a bit wary about conquering public transit in another country, in another language that I don’t speak, with a child and one on the way. It seemed like a daunting task, especially as I pondered the thought of it before we moved here. However, now that we’ve been living here for 6 full weeks, I have learned the ins and outs of traveling via trains and busses with a toddler. I hope the following tips help you as you try out public transit in Berlin with kids.

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My Military Kid Story: Part 2

I actually had my biggest TCK moment when I was filling out my graduation paperwork for college. While sitting down with the admissions office counselor, answering questions about what information they would put in the graduation pamphlet next to my name the counselor asked me where I was from. I sat there completely wide-eyed and I’m certain this was the first time she had ever heard a graduating senior answer this question in the way I did: “Um…can I call my mom and ask?” (Make sure to read Part 1 first if you haven’t!)

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Starting our overseas move preparations

It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWWWWN! We are officially 26 days out from our big move to Berlin! We realized just last week how quickly our departure is approaching. We sat down and went over the entire moving checklist for the month and a half before our move. It’s a doozy! I’m having a hard time not feeling overwhelmed at the sheer length of the checklist of items that will go into this move. Here’s a look at what our current checklist looks like:

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My Military Kid Story: Part 1

So I’ve hinted at my life as a military kid, but I’ve never really told the story of my upbringing as a military kid and a self-proclaimed “third culture kid” (TCK). I say self-proclaimed because I feel that the term TCK is mostly used in reference to kids who grow up overseas away from their parent’s home country. However, I feel that my story aligns very well with the overarching meaning of the term. That I grew up in multiple places and away from my parent’s home “culture.”

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Kids on the Move – Workbook Review and GIVEAWAY!

We’re going to be moving around a lot as our children grow up. It’s just part of the job in the Foreign Service. I moved around quite a bit as a military brat. It taught me resilience and adaptability. I met friends from all over the country and the world during my moves to different bases. Papa Bear and I wanted the same things for our children but we know it won’t always be easy. We want to help make their transitions to different countries as smooth as possible, which is why I’m so glad I found out about the “Kids on the Move” workbook from