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Crohn's Disease, Expat living, Expat parenthood, Featured, Pregnancy Abroad, Uncategorized January 9, 2017

What to Bring and Expect when Hospitalized in Germany

Gleaning from my own numerous hospitalizations in the U.S. I have some suggestions about what to bring, as well as what to expect from your hospitalization in Germany. Be aware that I am comparing the U.S. system to the German system. Also that I only stayed in one hospital in Germany and your experience and the experience of others may vary.

Expat parenthood, Pregnancy Abroad September 29, 2016

Knocked Up Abroad Again on Kickstarter

Remember when I reviewed and did a giveaway for the awesome book “Knocked Up Abroad?” (If you don’t check it out here!) Well Lisa Ferland, the author, has some awesome news to share! She has written a new book, “Knocked Up Abroad Again!” This book will be another great resource for parents who will be pregnant, laboring or parenting abroad. And you can be a part of the book’s launch on Kickstarter!