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Featured, Holidays December 6, 2016

Celebrating Saint Nikolaus Day – December 6

This morning, Goldilocks woke up to a Saint Nikolaus Day surprise. Chocolate in her boots! (She often puts toys and bows in our boots so it was fun to see her reaction to us turning the tables on her!) The modern tradition (at least in less-Catholic northern Germany) is that the children of the household leave out their freshly polished boots by their door or radiator and Saint Nikolaus comes in the night on December 6 and fills them with candy, toys and fruits. They wake up the next morning to a delicious treat. It reminds me of the typical American Easter basket.

Expat living, Featured, Holidays November 28, 2016

Send Holiday Cards from Overseas the Easy Way!

It’s officially the holiday season! That means so many things, warm, delicious beverages, Christmas lights, decorating and Christmas music. It also means you’ll probably start getting those holiday cards in the mail from family and friends. I have always loved sending Christmas cards. We have sent one out for each year of our marriage and it has normally accompanied an announcement of a big event like a birth or move, or both! However, living abroad has provided a new challenge for sending out holiday cards.

Events, Expat parenthood, Holidays, Uncategorized June 16, 2016

Come One, Come All to Goldilocks’ First Birthday Circus Party!

Wow this year went by quickly! I can’t believe our little Goldilocks is already a whole year old! We were able to celebrate her first birthday just a few days late on June 11 at her Big Top Circus Party! My mom made almost all the decorations and even made her smash cake outfit. It was so beautiful. I’m so excited to share all the details with you and maybe inspire more circus birthdays out there!

Featured, Holidays May 30, 2016

Memorial Day: so much more than barbecues

It’s Memorial Day once again! The unofficial start to summer for America. The weekend that will bring out of 38 million travelers across the US driving or flying to destinations with family and friends. We have done our share of traveling this weekend too, making our way by car to Williamsburg, VA. But this weekend is about so much more than barbecues.