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September 2016

Expat parenthood, Pregnancy Abroad September 29, 2016

Knocked Up Abroad Again on Kickstarter

Remember when I reviewed and did a giveaway for the awesome book “Knocked Up Abroad?” (If you don’t check it out here!) Well Lisa Ferland, the author, has some awesome news to share! She has written a new book, “Knocked Up Abroad Again!” This book will be another great resource for parents who will be pregnant, laboring or parenting abroad. And you can be a part of the book’s launch on Kickstarter!

Expat living, Expat parenthood, Travel, Uncategorized September 21, 2016

Public Transit in Berlin with Kids

I have to admit I was a bit wary about conquering public transit in another country, in another language that I don’t speak, with a child and one on the way. It seemed like a daunting task, especially as I pondered the thought of it before we moved here. However, now that we’ve been living here for 6 full weeks, I have learned the ins and outs of traveling via trains and busses with a toddler. I hope the following tips help you as you try out public transit in Berlin with kids.